GreenPower premium v8.4 Apk

GreenPower premium
GreenPower premium v8.4 Apk App

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Green Power PREMIUM battery saver extends your battery life! Green Power PREMIUM battery saver brings many extra hours to your battery life!

GreenPower battery saver brings many extra hours to your battery life!

Unlike other battery savers that require regular user manual actions, GreenPower is fully automatic: Once configured, it runs and saves your battery by itself. It does so by smartly managing Wifi, Mobile data & Bluetooth (*): Turning them off when you don't need them, but ensure minimum disturbance: Automatic turned ON when needed by you or by other apps (e.g retrieving mails).
Similar but easier cleaner and faster than JuiceDefender!

"GreenPower mainly does one thing, but does it so well and so flexibly that the benefits reaped are considerable." (InfoWorld)
"GreenPower is a simple and easy to use power and network management software" (Engadget Chinese edition)
"GreenPower premium is a remarkable tool. Battery saver, time saver, top notch!" (AndroidPit)

- Handles WIFI, Mobile Data (2G, 3G, some 4G) & BLUETOOTH
- Supports most phone types (both GSM & CDMA) and most carriers
- Mobile Data toggling using clean Internal API or APN renaming (you can chose)
- Most features below available in Free version unless marked with (*)

Or take time to configure to get the most out of it!

Google's 15 minutes trying time is too short for such an app. Try Premium for 24H and get a refund if you didn't like it.

- Wifi mgmt: Based on schedule, screen state, power connected, signal level...
- Mobile data mgmt: Based on schedule, screen state, power connected...
- Mobile data mgmt: Either Internal API or APN renaming
- BLUETOOTH (*) mgmt: Based on devices connected or in range, screen state, power etc
- Traffic check: Configurable to prevent disturbing other apps
- Apps Whitelist (*): To keep data on when using specific apps (like music streaming)
- Simple WIDGET (*): To quickly pause or resume
- NIGHT (*) mode fully configurable, Airplane mode...
- Tasker & Locale Plug-in (*)
- Compatible with Cerberus 2.0
- Very lightweight and fast app
- Easy and clean interface
- Fully configurable settings
- Settings backup / restore
- 20 Languages (changeable at run time)
- And more...

- Dedicated Forum for support issues
- Support from the developer. I'm answering each issue.
- Regular updates with bug fixes and new features

PREMIUM version specific features:
- Bluetooth support
- Widget
- Night mode
- Tasker & Locale Plug-in
- Apps whitelist
- No ads
- The good feeling to support an independent developer ;-)

Recent changes:
- Various bugfixes and improvements.
- See release note inside app for details.
Less description »
Latest version: 8.4 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

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Vignette v2012.05.27 Apk

Vignette v2012.05.27
Vignette v2012.05.27 Apk

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Use 76 customisable photo effects and 57 frames in any combination, to create retro/vintage styles, LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles, Polaroid/instant camera styles and much more.

Plus cross-process, duotone, charcoal, tilt-shift, photo-booth, double-exposure effects and more.

Vignette is also a full-featured camera application:
• Take pictures at your camera’s full resolution, even with effects (paid version only)
• Use the flash and front-facing cameras on most devices
• Self-timer, time-lapse and steady-shot modes
• Digital 10× zoom
• Store location data in pictures (geotag)
• Use the volume rocker as a shutter button
• Launch from the lock screen in Android 4.0+
• Remote shutter with Sony Ericsson LiveView
• Time- and date-stamp pictures
• Rule-of-thirds and golden ratio composition guides
• Share pictures via third-party apps

Vignette does not require an internet connection to process pictures like some apps, and does not upload your pictures to a central server like Instagram. Your pictures do not leave your phone until you choose to share them.

What's in this version:
Fixed: Flash not available on Samsung Galaxy Ace.
Fixed: 8MP resolution not available on Motorola Motoluxe.
Fixed: "Steady shot" doesn't work on some phones.
Fixed: "Fullscreen" frame doesn't fill the screen.
New: Triple exposures.
New: Underwater shooting features.
Fixed: Error when using double exposure mode with delay before second shot.
Fixed: "Monochrome" custom filter option behaving differently.
Fixed: Removed Vignette shutter sound.
Fixed: Shutter button behaving differently.

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Full Screen Caller ID v8.1.1 Apk

Full Screen Caller ID v8.1.1 Apk

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Full Screen Caller ID shows a full screen image of the person who is calling you

The Full Screen Caller ID is a replacement caller screen for your Android Device.
Using this program you can customize the way your phone notifies you upon incoming & outgoing calls, sms, emails and missed calls.

Basic features:
- Full screen notification for incoming calls
- Full screen notification for outgoing calls
- Full screen notification for missed calls
- Full screen notification for incoming SMS
- Full screen notification for incoming mails
- Use pictures from sd card, internal camera or facebook
- Customize caller design : pick colors, text size of the notifications
- Text-to-speech : the full screen caller id can read out loud your incoming calls, sms and mails
- Facebook integration : pick pictures from facebook or link your contacts with your facebook friends to update all profil pictures with one click

Advanced features:
- Android integration : share pictures from any Android application to set pictures for your contacts
- Theme support
- Answer by buttons : no more slider to move to pick up the phone
- Answer by sliding the screen.
- Landscape support : high resolutions pictures can be set for both portrait and landscape mode.
- Backup and restore all settings and pictures.
- Video caller Id (beta)
- Block annoying contacts

How to use:
Please check the youtube video to learn how to use the software.
Full Screen Caller ID will work instantly once installed but you have to assign HD pictures to your contacts to avoid full screen blurry pictures. HD pictures must be assigned from the Full Screen Caller ID menu, not from the stock Android contact application.

What's in this version:
Version 8.1.1 :
- ADD : Custom font support for text and buttons (Settings/Design/Font)

Version 8.1.0 :
- UPDATE : new higher resolution default unknown contact pic
- UPDATE : better UI GFX when touching an item from the main screen
- UPDATE : updated UI for contact list
- UPDATE : new fonts for full screen notifications
- FIX : force close on enter unlock code and video crop activity

Version 8.0.0 :
- UPDATE : faster contact listing and contact display on incoming/outgoing call
- UPDATE : new UI
- UPDATE : new ICS styled action bar
- FIX : long delay when dialing number with FSCI activated

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Mass Effect™ Infiltrator v1.0.30 Apk Game (Apk+SD)

Mass Effect™ Infiltrator
Mass Effect™ Infiltrator v1.0.30 Apk Game (Apk+SD)

Requirements: Android 2.2+
From the makers of the critically acclaimed Dead Space on Android comes an all-new, original Mass Effect storyline – made exclusively for mobile!

** This game is MASSIVE (over 450MB)! We recommend connecting to WiFi to speed up your download. **
As Commander Shepard battles Reapers across the galaxy, veteran Cerberus agent Randall Ezno procures aliens for illicit experiments at a secret facility. But when the Director of the facility goes too far - Randall fights back and vows to bring Cerberus down!
Can you fight your way off the hostile Cerberus base and deliver their secret research to the Alliance?
Move freely through massive exteriors and a fully realized Cerberus base. Featuring groundbreaking graphics and intensified audio, enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in Android gameplay.
Featuring both manual and assisted aiming, use intuitive tap controls and for fast-paced fighting. Fluidly dive and roll for cover with a simple swipe. Engage in epic boss battles against Cerberus Mechs and twisted experiment victims.
Harness the fury of high-tech armor and weapons. Unleash biotic powers, stealth cloak abilities and devastating melee attacks. Upgrade your gear and performance with credits – the quicker and more stylish your kills, the more credits you’ll earn. Also, access the bonus Turian mission and escape the medical bay...alive!
Gather valuable intel and upload it to Galaxy at War to boost your Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3. Complete the game to increase your War Assets. Improve your chances in the final Mass Effect 3 battle – on the go!
Crush Cerberus and shape the future of the galaxy. The outcome depends on YOU in Mass Effect: Infiltrator!

Download Instructions:
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Download Link

Cracked version by yackers :
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SD Data :
location : sdcard/Android/data
Download Link
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System Tuner Pro v2.1 Apk

System Tuner Pro v2.1
System Tuner Pro v2.1 Apk

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: The most complete all-in-1 Android system tuner for your phones and tablets!

Monitor and record your phone's logs, app/process activities, CPU, memory (RAM, internal storage, internal & external SD).
By far the lowest consumption monitoring app!

App checked with Privacy Inspector! If you don't want WIFI, BT, PHONE and GPS permissions, please check app 'Limited System Tuner Pro'.

Use logcat to debug or help debug your favorites apps :)
Use terminal emulator for direct linux commands
Highly configurable! Check web-site for app consumption!

The app can:
- Show data (cpu, memory) in the status bar
- Sort processes by cpu time, total cpu time, start time, cpu consumption, memory used or simply by name
- Filter system processes or user-defined excluded list
- Shows cpu load/frequency, memory/internal/sd usage
- Record (optionally at boot) activities in the background
- Allows analyzing previous recordings
- Display log(cat) for all/one process
- Display memory details (RAM & internal)
- Display SD details (internal & external)
- Run command using terminal emulator
- Kill non manually excluded apps automatically

The app can also do the following on rooted phones:
- Tweak SD cache size to boost performance (not all phones supported, please report)
- Tweak Android auto-kill memory settings
- Tweak CPU governor + frequencies

The widget can:
- Use different backgrounds (HTC or Google-like) half or fully transparent
- Show cpu load, free/used memory (flash/internal/sd) available, process count, using text or 2 side levels.
- Starts 2 different actions by clicking on the icon or label, including:
. Start/stop recording process activity
. Kill all non-excluded processes
. Refresh
. Start task manager
. Open analyzer
. Open settings

-== Check web-site for tests on various phones ==-
-== Does consume very little CPU/battery ==-

All system apps are excluded by default!
Kernel processes cannot be killed

What's in this version 2.1 :
New voltage save/load buttons
New widget option for external SD
New widget and logcat text size options
Fix voltage reset/default button on some kernels
Various other bug fixes

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CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator FULL v1.4.0.20120524 Apk

CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator FULL v1.4.0.20120524 Apk

Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Turn phone to document scanner

CamScanner turns Phone into Scanner. With CamScanner, you are able to digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. Simply take a picture of any paper documents such as receipts, whiteboards, notes, agreement and so forth, and CamScanner can auto-crop image, enhance image quality and to create an industry standard PDF file. Then you can easily upload documents to cloud like Dropbox, Google Doc,, and manage by tagging or searching.

With CamScanner You Can Scan
* Receipt, Bill, Tax Roll
* Business Card, Membership Card, VIP card
* Agreement, PPT and Whiteboard
* Note, Memo, Script, Letter
* Books, Magazines, Newspaper, Poster, Coupon
* Courier Sheet, Resumes,

Version Difference:
CamScanner Free: With advertisements, PDF files created with watermark, limitation of 50 documents, 10 pages per document, and up to 3 scans in batch mode.
CamScanner Full:No advertisements, PDF files created is clean without any watermark, no limitation on number of documents, pages, and scans in batch mode.

Key Features:
* Batch Scan Multi-Page Documents
CamScanner can take pictures of multi-page documents in a row and do batch scanning fast.
* Auto-crop and Auto-enhance Image
What makes CamScanner different from camera is its smart image processing technology. CamScanner can auto-detect edges of images, auto-crop and auto-enhance images. Options to choose multi modes of color enhancement.
* Create and Share Multi-size PDF Files
With CamScanner, you can create PDF files in more than 10 different sizes and formats including Letter, A4, B5, user-defined, or Auto-fit to get the most proper size. All PDF files can be shared via email, uploaded to Dropbox,, Google Docs.
* Back-up documents
CamScanner can backup and restore all files in your SD card.
* Smart Manage Scanned Files
With CamScanner, you can easily view all files in list or thumbnail view, Tag, merge or delete files or pages.

What's in this version:
1. Exit background thread when all tasks are finished
2. Add option in settings to hide license icon
3. Tuned for ICS
4. Add progress bar when backup/restore data
1. fixed issues on LG920, 102SH
2. improve image scan quality
1. fixed issues on Android 3.1/3.2
2. fixed focus issue on Droidx/Galaxy Nexus
3. fixed crash issue on Galaxy Nexus

Note: Full version.

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IM+ Pro v6.2.4 Apk

IM+ Pro v6.2.4 Apk
IM+ Pro v6.2.4 Apk

Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: IM+ Pro. One app, all your messaging.

IM+ Pro has all your messaging needs covered, regardless of whether you want to text your address book contacts or stay in touch with your IM contacts.

Introducing Beep: free mobile-to-mobile in-app messenger.
We figured you've been looking for a free alternative to SMS for a while now. And now we've got that right in IM+ Pro.
Whenever you send and receive text messages, photos or voice messages, IM+ Beep will make sure that your message was successfully sent and notify you when it is safely delivered. Push will make incoming messages instantly pop up on your device.
Always on, always instant, always fun.

IM+ Pro supports all major IM services, including Facebook, Skype, MSN/Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, RenRen, Jabber, VKontakte, Yandex IM, Odnoklassniki.Ru and Mail.Ru Agent.

Below you may find the list of other amazing features which will definitely take your mobile IM experience to the next level:
- UI is optimized for both Android smartphones and Android tablet computers
- Send text messages, photos, and voice notes
- Group chats in Skype, MSN, AIM, ICQ
- Chat history
- Multiple accounts per service
- Create personal and geo status messages
- Customize your IMing experience with different sound notifications and emoticons
- Typing notifications
…and we're not done yet, new IM+ features will keep coming!

Version 6.2.4
- Bug fixes
Version 6.2
- Dark Theme
- Notification when a contact goes online
- Option to expand/collapse groups in contact list
- “Favorites” section for contacts: selected contacts are displayed on top of the list
- Option to make a voice call to a Skype contact from IM+
- Save your chat history on the SD card
- IM+ is now able to import accounts which are already configured in Android settings
- Notifications about new emails
- Thai, Polish and Ukrainian localizations

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TTPOD EXTREME 4.40 English Full Pack Symbian Belle Icons


TTPOD EXTREME 4.40 English Full Pack Symbian Belle Icons

Key features:
 ● Full support for S^3 and S60v5 devices
 ● Special interface for control using touch screen
 ● Supported formats: MP3 AAC, WMA and M4A
 ● Built-in equalizer
 ● Sound fade, stereo widening and bass boost effects
 ● Support for skins and visual effects
 ● Ability to download songs, album covers and lyrics
 ● Online access to music charts
 ● Sleep timer
 ● Mini-player in background mode
 and many more features...

What's new:
 ● Fixed bug of ID3 tags reading
 (Please clean playlist then re-scan songs)
 ● Reduced startup time
 ● Solved problem of auto playback after calls
 ● Fixed alarm problem on S^3 devices
 ● Personal Support Center, QQ mini-player on desktop

What's new version Symbian^Anna Style by Léo Symbian:
 ● New 125 Skins TTPod
 ● + 10 visualizations 3D
 ● New Splash
 ● New English translation optimized
 ● Colorful menu icons (music list)
 ●Icons Symbian^Belle
 ● Native application icon and custom Symbian^Belle

Supported phones: Nokia 5230, 5232, 5233, 5235, 5238, 5288, 5250, 5530, 5800, C5-03, C6, N97,N97 mini, X6 Sony Ericsson U1i (Satio), U5i(Vivaz), U8i (Vivaz pro) Samsung i8910 HD Nokia C6-01, C7, E7, N8.

Installation note:
 - Remove first your prvious Ttpod (if there's any)
 - back up your files from ttpod foler ( if there's any)
 -install TTPOD 4.40 EXTREME
 - install the patch4run to properly run the application

Password : android4

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Yahoo! Messenger v1.2 APK

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger v1.2 APK

This is the official Yahoo! Instant Messenger application with the following features:

- Free Voice & Video Calls (Video is in Beta). It requires OS 2.2+ and Yahoo! Messenger Vbideo Add-on. Support for myTouch 4G & EVO.
- Free SMS (not available in all regions). Text messages can be send for free to phone numbers in USA, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Pakistan, Kuwait and Thailand
- Share photos and video
- Chat with Windows Live and Facebook friends
- Stay online on Android & PC at the same time, receive messages only where you are active. This feature is currently supported with the latest Yahoo! Messenger for PC

Description/changelog of Yahoo! Messenger 1.2.0:

Note: Currently no support for Samsung Galaxy.

- Free Video Calls (Beta)
- Buzz Your Friends
- Improved Photo & Video Sharing
- Fixes inc. Sign out issue, Notification reliability & Stability

Video is in Beta. It requires OS 2.2+ and Yahoo! Messenger Video Add-on. Support for myTouch 4G & EVO.

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Samsung Galaxy S III: Review

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III: Review

The Samsung Galaxy S 3 is one of the biggest gadgets of 2012. With its predecessor topping the Android charts in the previous year and pretty much sweeping up all the best mobile phone awards it could find, it’s of little surprise that the world has its ears like a safe cracker to the web for news about the next member of this highly acclaimed super-smartphone dynasty.

Naturally, it’s our job here at Pocket-lint to sweep up any such tidbits of information and mould them in our experienced grip until we have a fully formed model of what we all expect the Samsung Galaxy S III to look like. Whether that turns out to reflect what the real phone shapes up to be remains to be seen, but read on to find out the shape of things right now according to the Samsung Galaxy S III rumours.

Samsung Galaxy S III quick facts based on rumours so far
If you take all the latest intel, fact or rumour, on the new Samsung Galaxy S3 or S III depending on how you write it, the phone will have a 4.8-inch screen, be powered by Samsung's own Exynos chip, feature slightly curved design like the Galaxy Nexus and come with an 8 megapixel camera.

It will be available on Vodafone and O2 in the UK in the coming weeks and run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. You'll also be able to get it at Phones 4u too in the UK. It won't feature LTE for the UK and it is unlike to me made from Unicorn horns.

Samsung Galaxy S III release date
It all began just one month after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II when the president of Samsung’s mobile division, J.K. Shin, told the Dow Jones Newswires in an exclusive interview: “Samsung may launch a third version of its Galaxy S smartphone in the first half of next year after launching a second-generation version called Galaxy S II last month.”

Now that “may” might have sounded a shade wishy-washy at the time but we only had to wait until the 11 October 2011 for our next glimpse into the future when received a leaked slide of the Samsund roadmap which featured none other than the Samsung Galaxy S III at the top of the tree. There were no dates along with the information but, with around six months to go, a Mobile World Congress 2012 launch wasn’t a big stretch.

But a big stretch it turned out to be by the end of January 2012 when Pocket-lint reported via Sammyhub and the Verge that what looked to be nailed on seemed to be suffering from delay. According to a well-trusted source group called “people familiar with the matter”, Samsung had been planning an MWC 2012 launch but there were issues which meant the timescale had been set back to a “before summer” release and that could have been about trying to reduce the long gap before users in the US got to buy them, as occured with the SGS2 arrival.

“We are still reviewing several options when to launch, so we'll let you know when it's decided,” was the official line at the time from Samsung’s head of Global Marketing, Younghee Lee, as he more or less made the handset official for the very first time.

All the same, it wasn’t until Samsung dropped a memo into Pocket-lint’s inbox a few days later on 1 February 2012 that we knew for sure that MWC 2012 was simply too soon.

"The successor to the Galaxy S II smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product." was the word and the current anticpated arrival time for the Samsung Galaxy S III is May 2012.

Following the leaked image of the phone by, it was then suggested that 22 May would be the date of the phone's launch and that it would happen in London. However, Samsung finally debunked at least part of that theory by sending out an invite for its next Samsung Mobile Unpacked event, which will be held on 3 May. The host city of London though, was spot on.

Samsung Galaxy S III screen
The Galaxy S II had a whopper of a display when it arrived and Samsung even inched it out a little further for the LTE version, so one might expect something similarly grand for the Samsung Galaxy S III screen.

According to the leaked information on in October, that’s exactly what will be happening with 0.1” addition taking the total to 4.6” on the diagonal. The same rumour talks of a much expected upgrade in the actual technology of the screen too. First it was Super AMOLED, then the SGS2 made it a Super AMOLED Plus and then the Galaxy Nexus came out with a 720p Super AMOLED HD. Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S III will have a Super AMOLED Plus HD. What this means in real terms has not been said but, in practice, it’s either going to be a 720p or 1080p resolution.

The only other story so far on the matter came from Samsung itself. Just after CES 2012, the company produced a video with its new product launch triumphs fresh from the show and some bright spark with the pause button at the ready spotted a large, but not Galaxy Note style, mobile device seven minutes in. What we see is a broader mobile with virtually edge-to -dge screen across its width and even less black along the top and bottom than you currently get on the SGS2. It looks great. The chances are, however, that it’s some kind of mock up but one never quite knows.

The latest rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a 4.8-inch screen based on a number of leaked images that show the supposed SGS3 next to a ruler, and more recently of a screen protector that shows it will be bigger than the HTC One X.

Samsung Galaxy S III camera
Again, it’s really, so far, only October’s leak that’s given us anything to go on in terms of the Samsung Galaxy S III camera. The word on the slide shot is that the 8MP rear-facer is going to be upgraded to a 12-megapixel backlit sensor which should improve performance under low light conditions as well as up the resolution. What’s more is that the sensor is apparently the same size as one you’d find in a compact at 1/2.3" and that might have some very interesting optical improvements so long as the lens put in front of it and circuitary behind it are up to scratch. That’s also if the leaked photo happens to be true, which looks a bit less likely when you notice a couple of typos.

The possible mock up in the post-CES promo video gives us another potential clue as far as the front-facing camera goes and that’s only to say that it’s in the same position as before. One would hope to get a little more resolution than the VGA version in the SGS2 but more on that when we hear about it.

Samsung Galaxy S III processor
The roadmap listed a dual-core 1.8GHz Exynos 4212 chip backed up with 2GB of RAM as the engine room of choice for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. On the one hand, the memory seems about right but, what with Tegra 3 and quad-core processors looking to rule the waves in 2012, the Exynos 4212 seems a touch short.

Indeed, according to a report in in November 2011, it will, in fact, be an all-new Exynos 4412 system-on-a-chip instead. The Exynos 4412 is still based on an ARM Cortex A9 CPU architecture but comes with four cores running at a 1.5GHz clock. The GPU attached is said to be a Mali-T604 GPU with a 5x faster factor than previous Mali chips and up to, again, four cores to work with.

Samsung has since confirmed that the phone will feature its own Exynos chip, although rumours are now starting to surface that in the US the phone will come with Qualcomm's S4 processor instead.

Samsung Galaxy S III software
With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the latest version of the Google Mobile software for the first part of 2012, it's pretty much a cert that that's what will be adorning the Samsung Galaxy S III. The variable is the UI on top and, although there's been no word either way, the obvious choice is whatever the latest version of Samsung's TouchWiz is. Currently, it's TouchWiz 4.0 as released on the SGS2, so either that or an all-new TouchWiz 5.0 would make the most sense.

Source :
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The Sims™ FreePlay 1.3.3

The Sims™ FreePlay 1.3.3

The Sims™ FreePlay 1.3.3

From the creators of The Sims™ 3 series of best-selling mobile games, comes a COMPLETE Sims experience that you can play for FREE on Android.

The Sims FreePlay is an immersive, high quality game that requires a 350MB+ download. To speed things up, we recommend connecting to WiFi. We promise – it’s worth it!

• Design dream homes or get fully-furnished houses for your Sims
• Care for pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake
• Give your Sims careers and earn Simoleons to improve their situations
• Complete goals for Lifestyle Points, then spend them on hip items
• Live with your Sims in real-time (when it’s day or night for you, it’s the same for your Sims)!

v1.3.3 update:
Now buy a birthday cake for your Sims’ babies and watch them become tiny tots!
Other new features include…
• Dress Up Chest
• Wedding Wear
• Children’s Store
• Dog Items
• Behind-the-scenes adjustments to enhance gameplay on the following devices: Transformer TF101, TF201, and to improve compatibility with latest ICS firmware.

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Blood Brothers v1.6.0.14 for Android

Blood Brothers v1.6.0.14 for Android

Blood Brothers v1.6.0.14 for Android

Even the righteous must sometimes leave their mark in blood...
Blood Brothers has thrilling battles, mysterious characters, and a story that will keep you riveted from start to finish! This dark fantasy RPG from Mobage is easy to learn, but difficult to master -- an experience unlike any you've had, right at your fingertips.

As hero turned vampire, you must seek out allies and bind with them in a ritual of blood. Together, you will stand against a mighty empire in a tale of vengeance and rebirth. Choose your character from knights, samurai, high elves, dark elves, apes, lizard men, dwarves, and goblins, then build a powerful party that's all your own!

? Raise fallen heroes from their graves.
? Customize your party to fight the enemy on your terms.
? Visit exotic areas from tranquil villages to fetid swamps.
? Rain destruction on your enemies with archery, magic, and ninjutsu.
? Explore new areas and face new creatures with downloadable updates.

The world of Blood Brothers knows no bounds!

Blood Brothers is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network.

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Shake Camera v1.4.5 for Android

Shake Camera v1.4.5

Shake Camera v1.4.5 for Android

Can't find the camera app on your phone? No need to worry. With Shake Camera Free just shake your phone and go into camera mode.

* Start your camera app just shaking your phone. No matter if you are running another app at the moment. No need to look for the camera icon anymore.
* Set as default your favorite camera mode: Picture or Video.
* Adjust the sensibility of the shakes.
* No need to start the app every time. It's running as long as your phone/screen is ON.
* It runs in the background without compromising battery life.

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iGun Zombie (Entertainment) 2 APK

iGun Zombie

iGun Zombie (Entertainment) 2 APK

Kill zombies with your own upgraded guns and items!!! Not a simple app that only fires gun and customizes.

iGun-Zombie enables shooting simulations and different customizing and supports various game mode with own gun from 150 stage and boss mode to hell wave of infinite forms. Also iGun-Zombie supplies interest cleared mission with various items and new interest that collects, decorates and upgrades own guns.

1. Supply realization and simulator of 20 guns
2. 150 Missions and boss mode by type of guns
3. Infinite Zombie Wave “Hell mode” getting stronger
4. Guns upgrade and customization
5. Various items — armor-piercing bullet, grenade, bullet time etc
6. World and Individual Ranking
7. Objective & Achievement
8. Guns and missions are expected to be updated continuously
9. Requires Android: 2.2 o later

Realistic Guns:
* Assault rifle: AK47, AK74, M16A4, M16A4 M320, M4A1, AUG, SCAR-H Foregrip, G36C, BAR
* Battle rifle: M14EBR, G3A4,
* Sub machine gun: Mini-Uzi, RPD, MP5, Thompson
* Pistol: G18, M1911, Desert Eagle

FPS Mode:
* 150 Missions, And Your challenge to stimulate Boss Mission and Hell Wave
* Mission mode: 150 levels of emergence of various zombies
* Boss mode: advent of strong boss every 10 stage
* Hell wave: Survive as long as in getting stronger zombie wave.

iGun Zombie 2 APK

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UEFA EURO 2012 1.1 APK Android


UEFA EURO 2012 1.1 APK Android

The official UEFA EURO 2012 app with Orange gives you access to the final tournament of the 14th UEFA European Football Championship. It will be held in Poland and Ukraine from 8 June to 1 July 2012.

Get the best:
  1. Live results
  2. Free customised alerts
  3. Video highlights from midnight after the end of the match (against payment)
  4. News 
  5. Photos 
  6. Standings 
UEFA EURO 2012 1.1 APK

Requires Android: 1.6 or later

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Battery Saver v1.4.1 apk for Android

Battery Saver v1.4.1

Battery Saver v1.4.1 apk for Android 

BatteryXL - Battery Saver v1.4.1 for Android, free android apps, android tool apps free:

Smart savings, smarter phone!

BatteryXL is top choice among battery saving apps for Android.

BatteryXL extends your battery life by minimizing the drain on your battery during periods of inactivity and maximizing functionality as soon as you need it. Try it today for free!

1. Totally Free!
2. WiFi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, Autosync automatic and manual controls
3. Smart WiFi: enables your WiFi when a network is available; disables WiFi when you leave that area
4. Time-scheduled automation for Autosync, WiFi, and Data.
5. Intelligent controls based on user-defined modes for Night, Peak usage times, Charging, and Low Battery 6. Control internet connectivity on app-by-app basis (Whitelist)
7. Volume, Brightness, Screen Timeout controls
8. Estimated remaining Idle, Calling, WiFi, Data, Music, Video, and Gaming times
9. Notification Bar icon with percentage display of battery level
10. Backup and Restore settings functionality

What's in this version:
1. Fixed: Bluetooth turning off during phone calls
2. Fixed: GPS perma-searching after install. 

Some words from users who love this free android app:

Awesome!!! Works great on the Galaxy Note. Over night battery drain went from 30% to 9%. Now my battery lasts more than a day. First app I've written a review for.
So far so good. Tried many battery apps but was never satisfied with functionality. This battery app has so many features and performs better than others I have tried. All for free. Its in beta so I expect it to perform even better in the future. Best Ui I have seen in a while.
This android app is very popular, it got 4.4 stars average, rated by 806 players and totally installed about 100,000 times!

Current Version: v1.4.1
Requires Android: 2.1 and up

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Devil Ninja 2 v1.1.8 for Android

Devil Ninja 2 v1.1.8

Devil Ninja 2 v1.1.8 for Android

Devil Ninja 2 v1.1.8 for Android, free android games, android action games free, Requires Android: 2.0 and up:

New battle on the devil's land, It's time for the ninja to action, In this fast paced fighting game, Your task is to fight against the monsters, kill king of the monsters, And there are various items to increase your combat effectiveness. Have fun!

What's new in Devil Ninja2:
- New BOSS
- More weapons & new game scene
- Advanced / classic gameplay choose
- Support Tablets,HD Resolution

Awesome Weapons, including
- Sword
- Darts
- Invincible large Darts
- Fire Dragon
- Shock waves
 - Energy bars

- Try to jump over the cliff.
- Double jump to jump higher.
- Long press fire button to charge energe.
- Kill enemies and collect energy balls to POWER UP!
- Reward more energy balls with a nice combo kill.
- Get items to have more weapons.

- Multi-touch
- Gorgeous game graphics
- Leaderboards
- 2 gameplay mode:Classic / Advanced
- Support tablets & HD resolution

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File Expert 4.1.8 APK

File Expert 4.1.8

File Expert 4.1.8 APK
Requires Android: 2.0 o later 

Powerful File Manager/WIFI File Transfer Web & FTP/App Manager – ALL in ONE

File Expert is an ultimate app for managing your files and other resources which stored on your Android phone and tablets. Files can be stored on local SD card, local WiFi network, or cloud storage servers like Dropbox,, etc. Designed for both advanced and entry level users.

You also can use File Expert APK as a sharing server to share your files to your friends over WiFi network. They can use web browser, FTP clients, another phone that support Bluetooth to access your File Expert powered devices.

File Expert is also a full-featured root file explorer for advanced users. File Expert should be your daily tool and it’s FREE without any ADs!. File Expert has more than 6 millions of downloads and still fast growing everyday!
  1. All basic file operations: Copy, Paste, Move, Create and Rename your files and folders
  2. FTP/HTTP Server: Share & Manage your files without a USB cable. Web management featuring a Windows style interface!
  3. Root access to system folders and files like Root Explorer. Remount /system to read write. Requires rooted phone
  4. Cloud Storage: Use one app to access various cloud storage services like Dropbox,!
  5. SMB, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV and Bluetooth OBEX Client: Access your host computer from your phone 
  6. Bluetooth: Full-featured Bluetooth capabilities include OBEX FTP, OPP 
  7. WiFi Send: Directly send files via WiFi between File Expert powered phones 
  8. App Manager: Uninstall/Backup apps. Support silent operations if on rooted devices 
  9. Archive manager: Create and decompress ZIP archive, Decompress RAR. You can view your ZIP/RAR/GZIP/TAR/TGZ/BZ file just like accessing a folder and directly decompress unique files and folders 
  10. Thumbnails: supports jpg/png/mp3/mp4/3gp thumbnails 
  11. Text Viewer 
  12. Image Viewer: supports both local and remote folder 
  13. Theme support – Choose themes that you love for FREE!

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Draw Something Free 1.5.33 APK

Draw Something Free

Draw Something Free 1.5.33 APK

The most popular social drawing and guessing game on Android! Requires Android: 1.5 o later

Play the Free version of Draw Something, the most popular social drawing and guessing game on Android! Experience for yourself the laugh-out-loud game your friends are raving about!

Plus get these special bonuses:
900+ Words to Draw
5 FREE Bombs

Draw Something Free

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Facebook Messenger 1.7.001 APK

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger 1.7.001 APK

Facebook Messenger is a faster way to send mobile messages to friends. With Facebook Messenger, you can send and receive messages with any of your friends around the world or anyone in your mobile contacts list. Messenger is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Facebook Messenger lets you:
  • Send messages instantly to other friends who have Facebook Messenger
  • Chat with friends who are on Facebook
  • Get free push notifications for incoming messages
  • Add location and photos to messages
  • Reach friends via text message if they don’t have Facebook Messenger yet
  • Access sent and received messages on both Facebook Messenger and Facebook 
  • Create group conversations for making plans on the go 
  • Add more friends to group conversations at any time 
  • Control alert and location settings for each conversation 
Note: Sending to phone numbers is not available in all countries.
Requires Android: 2.2 o later

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Don 2: The Game Lite 1.2 APK

Don 2: The Game

Don 2: The Game Lite 1.2 APK 

Having conquered the Asian underworld, Don now has his sights set on European domination. In his way are the bosses of the existing European underworld and all law enforcement agencies.

Play the role of Don in the official spine tingling action adventure Lite game inspired from the sequel to the mega-hit Bollywood Movie Don, starring Shahrukh Khan!

Dive right into the action in this Lite version game with challenging Turret sequences and explosions galore!

Recommended device requirements:
* Device screen resolution should be 480x800 or more.
* Processor speed should be 1GHz or more.
* Device RAM should be 512MB or more.
* Requires Android: 2.2 o later

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The Avengers – Iron Man Mark VII 1.1 APK

The Avengers – Iron Man Mark VII

The Avengers – Iron Man Mark VII 1.1 APK

Suit up and Blast off in the First-Ever Fully-Interactive Comic Book Experience!

Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel’s The Avengers: Iron Man – Mark VII is an epic interactive comic book experience through the design logs of super hero Tony Stark as he journeys from his Mark I armor, used to escape from captivity in the Ten Rings insurgents’ cave, to the high-powered Mark VI armor, used to vanquish Ivan Vanko and his army of Hammer Drones.

A war has started and we are hopelessly outgunned. It is time for billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark to upgrade his Iron Man armor for the upcoming battle when “Marvel’s The Avengers” assemble for the blockbuster movie event of summer 2012.

Immerse yourself in the genius, grit and humor of Stark and team up with all your favorite Iron Man characters, including Pepper Potts, J.A.R.V.I.S., and James Rhodes, as Stark finds inspiration for his latest innovation, the Mark VII.

15+ pages of an all-new story by fan fave creators, writer Fred Van Lente and artist Steve Kurth! Plus an all-new cover by the legendary Adi Granov!
Hit musical soundtrack from the Iron Man and Iron Man II movies!
Innovative new sliding panel navigation to immerse you in comics like never before!
Dozens of interactions that react to tilt, touch, and drag to give you full control over the experience!
Read to Me mode with word highlighting!
Read Myself mode with touchable words!

Requires Android: 2.2 o later

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Google Earth 6.2 APK

Google Earth 6.2

Google Earth 6.2 APK

Explore the world from the palm of your hand with Google Earth APK.

Use Google Earth to fly around the planet with the swipe of a finger. Explore distant lands or reacquaint yourself with your childhood home. Search by voice for cities, places, and businesses. Browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more.

For tablet users (Android 3.0 or newer), you can now enjoy a new Google Earth experience optimized for the large screen. With a new action bar, you can get easy access to search, reset-to-north, my location, and layers. Also, on tablets and select phones, you can now explore the same photo-realistic 3D buildings that have previously only been accessible with the desktop version of Google Earth. Visit the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Taj Mahal in India, or the Sydney Opera House in Australia, all in their full 3D glory! To view 3D buildings, just select “3D Buildings” from the layer menu.

You can easily navigate with your fingers, using:
a one finger swipe to move the globe
a two-finger pinch and rotate to zoom in and out and rotate your viewpoint
two-fingers swiped together to tilt your view
a one single finger double-tap to zoom in and
a two-finger double-tap to zoom out

Requires Android: 2.1 o later

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Ninja Chicken 1.4.5 APK

Ninja Chicken 1.4.5

Ninja Chicken 1.4.5 APK

Enjoy “The Funky Chicken Who Thought He Was a Ninja” for FREE! MoMinis is proud to present – “The Funky Chicken Who Thought He Was a Ninja!”

A terrible, most unfortunate accident has happened leaving our poor chicken with chicken dementia. This funky chicken now truly believes that he is a ninja and not just any ninja – the best ninja of them all! with the greatest powers ever bestowed on ninja before.

Our poor chicken is now on a (dangerous) ninja quest to prove to all of the other chickens that he is indeed a ninja. You can either stand by and watch this funky chicken crash into small, itsy-bitsy pieces or you can show the other chickens that we all have a ninja inside of us!.

  1. 30 challenging levels (and we know that they’ll be more to come). 
  2. Dozens mission to complete to become a ninja. 
  3. Cool and unique graphics

Requires Android: 1.6 o later

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Skype APK


Skype APK 

Make free Skype-to-Skype video calls, and call phones at Skype rates on the move.

Make free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype, whether they’re on an Android, iPhone, Mac or PC, as well as IMs to your friends and family.

  • Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free over 3G or WiFi. 
  • Make low-cost calls and SMS to mobiles or landlines from your Android. 
  • Send pictures, videos and files to any of your contacts. 
  • Enjoy high-quality sound when you call anyone else on Skype. 
  • Talk face to face or show what you’re seeing with front and rear-facing cameras. 
If you’re using Android 2.2 (Froyo), you should still be able to enable video calling within Skype’s settings. Your phone will not be able to video call if this setting is unavailable. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection.

Requires Android: 2.1 o later

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