Bitdefender Mobile Security v1.1.320 for Android Cracked

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security v1.1.320 for Android Cracked

Bitdefender Mobile Security is a lightweight solution for Android devices

Bitdefender Mobile Security (BETA) is a next-gen antivirus solution for Android devices focused on little (to zero) system or battery impact while providing access to a number of security functions in order to help you have a safer and more informed Android experience.

Currently in BETA, we’re aiming at validating a small array of features while, in background, we’re working hard on adding a host of new functionalities to add extra layers of security for your device. Our main focus is to provide as much as possible while sticking to a very strict policy in terms of performance and battery impact.
Note: BMS will become device admin. Should you choose to uninstall it at some point, the Device Admin right needs to be revoked first

Key Features:
- NEW!!! Remotely Lock the device
- NEW!!! Remotely make the device play a sound
- NEW!!! Remotely send a message to the device
- Anti-Theft - You need only to link your device with your Bitdefender account and remotely wipe or locate your phone from
- SD Card Scanning - Whenever an on-demand scan is performed, the contents of the SD Card will also be scanned for apps that can pose a threat to your device. Optional, the SD Card will also be scanned on-mount
- Very small battery or performance impact
- On-demand malware scanner, relying fully on Cloud technology (read: no updates required)
- On-install scan - a hook on the application install event allows us to scan each application the moment it gets installed
- Security Audit - Have you ever wondered how many applications installed on your device have been granted permission to access your private data ? Or connect to the internet ? Or send text messages ? The Security Audit screen grants you the possibility to have an overview on what applications match various permissions.
- Web Security - keeps you safe against the risks that you are exposed to while navigating on the Internet. It is integrated seamlessly into the Android default browser and relies on the Cloud technology.

~~> Download
~~> Extract
~~> Copy to Mobile SD Drive
~~> Open Your Mobile & Go to market (IF U DON'T HAVE ANY APK Installer)
~~> Download & Install APK Installer
~~> Open APK Installer Ex. HorsemadeAPKIns
~~> Browse & Find the Bitdefender.APK (Ur earlier Downloaded &Copied file)
~~> Install It.
~~> It's a SECURITY APK, U may need to Restart Ur Android
~~> IF You need U can Update too, Its Cracked
~~> Done!!!!

Mirror Download 
Mirror Download 2

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