Link 237 Racer v1.0 Android Game

Link 237 Racer v1.0

Link 237 Racer v1.0 Android Game

Supported : Android 2.1 and up Make your friends Link 237 and a champion on the track with this fun and exciting racing game. There are 18 tracks on three different tours of Brazil, using the best available 3D features.

Choose from five different characters according to their characteristics and track. To be a champion of the tracks, a few tips: 
• Learn the correct way to use Turbo; 
• Improve your performance with Drift; 
• Control your character properly in heels. 

Modes set It is guaranteed fun for hours, play in Grand Prix mode or against time. 

Achievements Conquer the 19 Archievemets scattered throughout the game; 

Extras See and collect different wallpapers and Papertoys game.

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